Toutunhe runs first smart elder community

Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (UETD), or Toutunhe district, presented its first smart elder house on March 27.


The show house was designed by Xinjiang Vital Real Estate Company for the elder community in White Bird Lake New Area. The first large elder community in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, it expects to come into service in October.


Lu Xinjie, deputy general manager of the company, said that with a total investment of 860 million yuan ($136.74 million), the community will grow into a multifunctional facility with enough room for over 2,300 seniors.


The show house in the elder community is designed with safety and convenience in mind. [Photo/]


The design combines safety with convenience. All corners and edges are smoothed and facilities have multiple access routes and safety measures, including handrails in the bathroom and an SOS calling system.


Installed in the wall is an intelligent screen from which residents can talk to visitors, watch weather forecasts and follow community activities. On the left-hand side of the front door is a stool where the aged can place their walking sticks and change their shoes. The button by the stool will come in handy in case of emergency.


"There are four buttons and strings for emergency situations in the house and once they are triggered, our staff will come immediately," said Zhao Yuanyuan, manager of the brand center of Vital, "There are also induction lamps set in the bedrooms for the aged to use at night."


The smart mattresses can monitor the heartbeats and frequency of rising of the aged on a daily basis. Vital staff will come for further inspections upon abnormal data, according to Zhao.