Incubation center supports entrepreneurship in Urumqi

In recent years, Chen Gang, a co-founder of the Xinjiang Zhihuigang Business Incubator in Urumqi, has aided manufacturers and companies in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region to establish bases in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.


Chen Gang partnered with an Uygur associate to establish the business incubator in 2016. His decision was based largely on the fact that, at that time, many Xinjiang companies were facing problems with site selection, worker recruitment, and unfamiliarity with local policies that came with the Belt and Road Initiative.


The incubator helps facilitate international business for both domestic and foreign companies. Chen Gang's incubator serves well-established enterprises as well as start-ups.


As his incubator grew, Chen Gang gradually set up four bases in Xinjiang and Astana of Kazakhstan, which provide comprehensive services including guidance for start-ups, assistance in investment and financing, and sites for incubation.   


According to data from the company, the incubation bases have served more than 100 domestic and foreign companies.


The incubator has set up its own website in Chinese and Russian. This will expand their services and bring more benefits to more enterprises.


In recent years, a series of national policies designed to encourage more business creativity and drive innovation have aroused much enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Urumqi also unveiled policies to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation. This, in Chen Gang's opinion, will offer more opportunities for incubation bases to grow.


Chen Gang's business partner is checking client demands on the incubator's website. [Photo provided to]