Toutunhe works with China Telecom to develop industrial internet

The signing ceremony is held in Toutunhe district on June 6. [Photo/]


The Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe district) signed an agreement with the Xinjiang branch of China Telecom to establish an industrial internet platform on June 6.


Nameplates for the Tianshan WingCloud Data Center and China Telecom Industrial Internet (Xinjiang) Base were unveiled at the ceremony.


Both sides agreed to take advantage of their respective resources and join forces on seven different projects, including the establishment of a data center, city-wide Wi-Fi network, science and technology industrial park and an information industrial park.


Located in Xinjiang Software Park, the Tianshan WingCloud Data Center will pool information resources to create a regional service platform integrating cloud computing, big data software and applications.


The platform will facilitate centralized storage, sharing, processing and exchange of basic data resources in fields such as software information, cloud computing, big data, internet, e-commerce, smart city, government affairs management and public services.


The Xinjiang branch of China Telecom has already relocated its existing services, such as industrial cloud and SME cloud, and deployed the new cloud computing services at the data center.


"We are trying to form an alliance with the relevant entities which in data collection, platform development, application research and development, marketing, and security to establish a competent and influential industrial internet platform in Xinjiang", said Shao Xinhua, general manager of the Xinjiang company of China Telecom.


"By providing services to manufacturing companies, we intend to help them develop a new competitive edge and continuously add impetus to Xinjiang's economic innovation and competitiveness", Shao added.


Big screens in the command center show how the platform works. [Photo/]