Scenery in Xinjiang
Intoxicating Makit County in Xinjiang
By:People's Daily Online

The beautiful sunset in the desert. (Photo/


Makit County abounds in red dates. The large temperature difference between the day and the night and the long sunshine duration make the place a fertile land to the growth of red dates. It enjoys the largest cultivated area and best quality of red dates. ( Sanxi)


As a significant junction of the Silk Road, it serves as a bridge of the economic and cultural exchanges between the East and the West. (Photo/


260,000 mu (17333 hactares) populus euphratica forests grow in the desert, and the beautiful scenery attracts a large number of foreign shutterbugs to take photos here. (Photo/


Daolang lake has the intoxicating scenery. (Photo/


A 1000 meters long bridge crosses the Yeerqiang River. Yeerqiang River is the biggest river in the Makit County. (Photo/