Toutunhe organizes visiting activities for children and residents

Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe district) has organized various activities for children and residents so they can spend a colorful and meaningful summer.

More than 10 children visited the science and technology experience hall of Xinjiang Software Park to experience the charm of science.

The children experience future shopping at the science and technology experience hall of Xinjiang Software Park. [Photo/]

Along with scientific explanations, the children gained a lot of knowledge that is not available in textbooks, such as how inventions of acoustics and optics are skillfully applied to real life.

"It's so amazing. We spend a different summer holiday this year," said Chen Liying, a 10-year-old girl.

Her mother always took her to learn dancing or practice calligraphy in previous summers and this was her first time to visit a science and technology experience hall.

"Visiting the experience hall can allow the children to perceive the attractions of modern technology and cultivate their interest in science from childhood," said a director of the activity.

In addition to the students' visit to Xinjiang Software Park, over 70 residents visited the Urumqi Free Trade Zone (UFTZ).

UFTZ is the third free trade zone in Xinjiang and has made it more convenient for residents to buy goods from all over the world from their homes.

A guide explained the geographical location, location planning and industrial layout of UFTZ.

A guide introduces some general information about Urumqi Free Trade Zone. [Photo/]

"I used to see the free trade zone on TV and in newspapers. This is my first time to take a close look at UFTZ, which allows me to feel the changes of Xinjiang," said Zhang Shuanshuan, a resident of Toutunhe district.

"The Belt and Road Initiative is always mentioned on TV. I thought it was not available for people. But after the visit, I deeply feel that the Belt and Road Initiative is around us and Xinjiang is developing rapidly," said Su Yuqin, a resident of Toutunhe district.

In the future, Toutunhe district will organize visits to Urumqi International Land Port Area, Urumqi Railway Station and Urumqi Image Exhibition Hall.