Toutunhe attractive to e-commerce company at intl expo

E-commerce industry at the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe district) in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region looks to take off after the district securing a significant agreement with Dorlly Group at the 6th China-Eurasia Expo, which concluded on Sept 1.

According to the agreement, the group will carry out the Dorlly Intelligent Valley Xinjiang project in Toutunhe district, of which the first phase, costing 500 million yuan ($73.07 million), strives to help Xinjiang increase talent and funds by establishing external windows and grafting innovative resources in advantageous domestic regions.

After years of rapid development, Toutunhe has become a multifunctional integrated district that includes a State-level economic and technological development zone, State-level export processing zone, corps-zone cooperative area, second-class port, bonded logistics center, export warehouse, and public bonded warehouse.

In recent years, the district's e-commerce industry has made some great achievements. Huawei Technology and have established cooperative partnerships with the district, while the rapid development of Xinjiang Software Park, the Urumqi Export Processing Zone, and Urumqi International Land Part Area has boosted the district's e-commerce industry.

The Shenzhen-based Dorlly Group has invested in the construction of China's first industrial comprehensive operation service platform, which covers e-commerce, the Internet, new-generation information technology, cultural creativity, and other emerging industries.

Zhang Gesi, president of Dorlly Group, said that the group will attract high-end talents, innovative projects, and innovative industries through the establishment of a listing incubation base, as well as by taking advantage of the green channel for listing in Xinjiang to establish an incubation chain with multiple parks.

The entrance of the 6th China-Eurasia Expo, held from Aug 31 to Sept 1. [Photo/]

The 6th China-Eurasia Expo served as a platform for the promotion of investment and regional economic development in Xinjiang, and to promote long-term economic exchanges and cooperation between Xinjiang and eastern China, as well as Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia, and European countries.

Toutunhe district signed 41 projects with a total contracted amount of 75.78 billion yuan ($11.1 billion), accounting for 29.25 percent of the city's total at the 6th China-Eurasia Expo.

In the future, Dorlly Group will also consider building their industrial service headquarters in Xinjiang, Zhang added.

The pavilion of Toutunhe district at the 6th China-Eurasia Expo, held from Aug 31 to Sept 1. [Photo/]