Toutunhe's six other investment projects start construction

The groundbreaking ceremony of the industrial investment projects was held again in the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe district) on Oct 25, after the start of six newly introduced key projects held on Sept 30.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the industrial investment projects held in Toutunhe district on Oct 25. [Photo/]

On the same day, in Toutunhe Industrial Park, six other industrial investment projects started construction with a total of 620 million yuan (89.16 million), including Xinjiang Xinzhuoda Cable project, Xinjiang Shengshi Taihe Food project and Xinjiang Bingshan Laike Plastic Products project.

Chang Zhixian, general manager of Xinjiang Xinzhuoda Cable Co said that the project received an investment of 130 million yuan from the company, and will produce three internationally best-selling products after it is put into production, developing the market of countries along the Belt and Road.

Up to now, there are 214 enterprises in the Toutunhe Industrial Park. Among them, there are more than 160 industrial enterprises and 115 production enterprises.

It has formed a multi-industry integrated industrial park dominated by bio-pharmaceutical industry, grain and oil processing industry, machinery manufacturing industry, color printing and packaging industry, equipment manufacturing industry, food processing industry, new building materials and metal products industry.

Since the beginning of this year, Toutunhe district has introduced more than 50 projects including renowned enterprises such as Amer International, Benavi and Hengyuan Zhihui. The number, scale and quality of industrial projects are all in the forefront of Urumqi.