Full Text: Historical Matters Concerning Xinjiang


The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China published a white paper titled "Historical Matters Concerning Xinjiang" on Sunday. 


The following is the full text:


Historical Matters Concerning Xinjiang


The State Council Information Office of

the People’s Republic of China

July 2019







I. Xinjiang Has Long Been an Inseparable Part of Chinese Territory 


II. Xinjiang Has Never Been “East Turkistan” 


III. The Ethnic Groups in Xinjiang Are Part of the Chinese Nation 


IV. The Uygur Ethnic Group Formed Through a Long Process of Migration and Integration 


V. Xinjiang Ethnic Cultures Are Part of Chinese Culture 


VI. Multiple Religions Have Long Coexisted in Xinjiang 


VII. Islam Is Neither an Indigenous nor the Sole Belief System of the Uygurs 




Appendix: A Brief Chronology of Chinese History  

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