Xinjiang refutes claim of detaining children in preschool facilities

China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Monday refuted claim about "holding children of detained Xinjiang Muslims in preschool facilities," slamming the accusation as "nonsense" and "total slander" against Xinjiang's education development.

In May this year, U.S. think tank Rand Company published a report, saying it detected suspect preschool facilities that housed children of Xinjiang Muslims who were relocated in the so-called re-education camps, suggesting that the schools were not just providing housing but also providing re-education programs.

"Xinjiang has always attached great importance to education, always insists that education should be given priority in its overall development with ever-increased input to ensure that every child in Xinjiang has access to enjoy equal and qualified education," an education official from Xinjiang's Hotan City told reporters at a press conference on Monday.

The official said preschool education in Xinjiang has guaranteed the right to education for all children and won support from people of all ethnic groups.

In recent years, Xinjiang has invested 16.3 billion yuan (2.28 billion U.S. dollars) in building, renovating or expanding 4,408 rural kindergartens and preschool education is now free in all rural areas in Xinjiang.