Xinjiang offered rehab aid to about 6,000 disabled kids since 2018

Some 6,000 physically or mentally challenged children have received government aid in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region through a rehab assistance program since late 2018.

Basic rehab training, surgery and adaption to assistive devices, among others, are offered to needy children no older than six, under the program that is aimed at easing the burden of related families and improving social security.

The program, compared with previous initiatives, covers more disabled kids and enjoys broader fiscal support, Zhao Xuelian, a local official with disabled persons' federation, was quoted as saying by Xinjiang Daily.

Xinjiang will boost investment to set up more rehab centers and train more professionals to take care of disabled children, Zhao said.

Some 123,500 disabled persons benefitted from rehab services in 2019, including 3,713 children aged six or below, official data showed.