Better livelihoods boost happiness in Xinjiang

The State Council Information Office published a white paper last week on employment security in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region to refute the rumors being spread by some Western politicians that Uygurs are being used as forced labor in the region.

People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have a strong desire for a better life, and the document details how over the past five years governments of various levels have prioritized creating jobs and promoting employment, benefiting residents of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

This year, facing the unprecedented challenges caused by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, governments in Xinjiang have actively implemented the pro-business and pro-employment policies of the central government, tilted more resources to projects concerning people's livelihoods, and strengthened the support for vocational education and training to enhance people's competitiveness in the job market.

Also, the governments in Xinjiang have increased their inputs into agricultural technology to further raise the quality and output of local agricultural products and farmers' incomes.

Farmers' cooperatives, township factories and catering industries for tourists are growth poles for the creation of jobs.

The rights and interests of workers are well protected according to law, and people have reaped tangible benefits from the flourishing job market that has accompanied the robust economic growth of Xinjiang in recent years.

The employment security in Xinjiang indicates the people's livelihoods are fully guaranteed and their rights are well protected, and local labor security policies and practices, which are in line with not only China's Constitution and laws, but also relevant international labor and human rights standards, are fully supported by local people.

Employment is the guarantee for people's livelihoods, and a happy life for people is the greatest human right.

The guarantee of employment is to enable people of all ethnic groups to achieve self-development and create a happy life through hard work.