Experts laud Chinese government's efforts to promote Xinjiang's socioeconomic development

As a result of the enormous efforts made by the Chinese government over the past decades, tremendous achievements have been scored in the socioeconomic development in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with local people's livelihood being steadily improved, experts have said.

The third central symposium on work related to Xinjiang was held here on Friday and Saturday, during which Chinese President Xi Jinping called for efforts to build Xinjiang featuring socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and demanded law-based governance and long-term efforts to develop Xinjiang into a region that is united, harmonious, prosperous, and culturally advanced, with healthy ecosystems and people living and working in contentment.

Naeem Bukhari, chief executive of Pakistan's Human Capital Management Institute, said China's policy on Xinjiang is very positive, workable and productive, which has first established peace in the region and also changed its landscape with a number of infrastructure development projects and opportunities of employment, education and training.

China's policy has been proven very correct and has provided a solid foundation for Xinjiang's development to meet the demands of the modern era, Bukhari said.

Tursunali Kuziev, a professor at Uzbekistan State University of World Languages, said with the support of the central government and other provinces and municipalities, Xinjiang has made unprecedented achievements in its socioeconomic development and in improving people's livelihood.

People of all ethnic groups has a ever-growing sense of fulfillment, happiness, and security, he said.

When he visited Xinjiang, he saw people of all ethnic groups benefiting from economic development and living a happy life.

Xinjiang has shown social stability, he said, noting that the good situation in which people live and work in peace and contentment is mainly the result of the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China.

Sonia Bressler, a French writer and sinologist, has visited Xinjiang on several occasions and published several books on the region.

She said Xinjiang is an immense region dotted with deserts, mountains, where different ethnic groups live together.

The commitment of governmental policies has made it possible to successfully create jobs and develop the region's economy, she said, adding that in this sense people's living conditions has improved, so does their sense of happiness.