Washington's Xinjiang allegations unsupported by even a hint of evidence: US media

US allegations of "genocide" in China's Xinjiang are motivated by "ideological posturing" and "unsupported by even a hint of evidence," an American media outlet reported recently.

The analysis was made in an article titled "Reflections on Genocide as the Ultimate Crime" published last month by Counterpunch, an independent website.

"Evidence-free allegations of 'genocide' in Xinjiang, China, are unworthy of any country, and most of all, of the country that wants to act as the prime international champion of human rights," the article argued.

"By making non-substantiated claims the US Government is seriously undermining its own authority and credibility to revive its role as global leader," it warned.

The article meanwhile called for the US government to play a "constructive international role," not by "weaponizing" human rights against China - or Russia, but by creating "a foreign policy dedicated to the genuine promotion of human rights" and international cooperation to carry out investigations against rights abuses.