Ins and outs of the lies about Xinjiang

Report details nine points of truth behind the lies about Xinjiang that the anti-China forces have been spreading

The ultimate purpose of the West lies about the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region is to mislead international public discourse and smear China's international image.

The world should not be deceived by the false narrative that the United States and its allies are spinning about Xinjiang.

In a report titled "Things to Know About All the Lies on Xinjiang: How Have They Come About", China Watch Institute, a think tank powered by China Daily, details the truth behind the lies about Xinjiang that the anti-China forces have been spreading. Layered from their objectives, political means, and how they made up the sources, the report highlights nine points.

・ As early as in the last century, the United States and other Western countries started to support separatist and terrorist activities in Xinjiang, in order to destabilize China and contain its development.

・ Adrian Zenz, a far-right fundamentalist Christian with links to the US intelligence agencies, has falsely claimed that millions of Uygurs in Xinjiang are held in detention camps.

・ The so-called research findings published by Zenz and others are full of fraudulent data and claims.

・ A "report" released by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in March 2020 claims that "more than 80,000 Uygurs were transferred out of Xinjiang to work in factories across China between 2017 and 2019". In fact, this "report" is full of loopholes and lacks any factual basis.

・ Instead of verifying the truth of these allegations, some Western media outlets rushed to hype them up. The BBC even went so far as to pay for "evidence".

・ The Network of Chinese Human Rights Defenders, which is supported by the US government, was the first organization to propagate the falsehood that China has detained millions of ethnic Uygurs in Xinjiang.

・ The "First Independent Report" on Xinjiang which was widely reported in Western media actually came from an institution funded by a sham university.

・ The World Uyghur Congress and one of its affiliate organizations, the far-right Uyghur American Association, attempt to stoke Western hostility against China, with the aim of subverting China and establishing an "East Turkistan" nation-state in Xinjiang. The US government has supported and subsidized Uygur extremist organizations through the National Endowment for Democracy.

・ The so-called Xinjiang Victims Database put together by anti-China forces is an ill-motivated and baseless project designed purely for political manipulation.