Wondrous Xinjiang: Female educator devotes herself to child education

After six years of preparations, Zubadan Aniwar achieved her dream of opening her own child education center in Kuqa city, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

"Our center is mainly for children aged three and below," said the 34-year-old educator.

"Some parents need to work and have no time to take care of their children during the daytime. And many parents hope that their kids can receive education in professional institutions during the critical period of their intellectual development," she added.

With significant improvements to the living standards of the locals, education for children has become a priority. The locals have begun to invest more money and energy in their children's education.

Inspired by her father, who is also a teacher, Aniwar developed a love for learning from an early age. Local advancements in child education further encouraged her to pursue a career in the teaching field.

In 2014, Aniwar joined a child education agency in Beijing after visiting a number of similar agencies across the country. "The Beijing-based agency not only has excellent curricula but also updates them every year, which I found quite intriguing," she said.

She has also obtained the qualification certificate of a senior baby nurse through professional training in Shanghai.

Aniwar started her education center in 2020, and it currently has about 50 children. The center's curricula include physical training, arithmetic, and music appreciation.

She has employed local women in the center who are all qualified baby nurses with certificates from professional organizations.

In addition to running the center, Aniwar also offers a childcare course at a technical training school in Kuqa, to help more people obtain baby nursing certificates.

"I hope that women don't confine themselves to their family, and more women can enrich their lives while creating their own values," she said.