Xinjiang herdsmen make 'little jackets' for newborn camels to stay warm

With the arrival of spring, camels enter breeding season. To help the newborn camels keep warm, herdsmen in Fuhai County of Altay, northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, made "special little jackets".

It is reported that there are round 31,800 camels in Fuhai County. This year, 9,100 female camels get pregnant, and 3,300 calves have been born so far. Currently, Fuhai County has been vigorously developing the camel milk industry as a cornerstone for rural vitalization.

Fuhai County is located along the ancient Silk Road, where the herdsmen of Kazakh ethnic group have a tradition of raising camels. In recent years, Fuhai County takes full advantage of its camel breeding industry to help locals increase their income.

(Reported by Rong Rui; Edited by Qi Yiling)

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