Kashgar in Xinjiang starts import of Pakistani fresh aquatic products


A batch of fresh aquatic products from Pakistan entered China through the Kashgar airport in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on Sunday. This marks the first time the region has imported such items from its neighbor.

The shipment, carried by a China Southern Airlines passenger flight from Islamabad to Kashgar, included a total of 774 kilograms of imported aquatic products with a total value of $2,760. Among them were 81 kilograms of fresh grouper worth $744 and 693 kilograms of frozen mullet worth $2,016. 

Tang Lin, who is responsible for the import of this batch of goods at a local trading company, explained that these products were purchased in Karachi, Pakistan, and that it took about three days to transport them to the Kashgar.

"The successful entry of this batch of fresh aquatic products boosts our confidence in expanding this type of business in the future. We plan to import more fresh products based on Pakistan's fishing seasons," she said. 

A senior official from the Kashgar Bureau of Commerce stated that supporting the import of high-quality agricultural and sideline products from neighboring countries expands local trade cooperation with Central and South Asia, which is of great significance for the high-quality economic development of the Kashgar area in the China (Xinjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

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