Platform for lubricating materials to be established in Toutunhe

A public platform for lubricating materials established by Xinjiang Fly C'oil Co Ltd is expected to be put into use in July, according to an April 12 report by local media. It is the first public platform for lubricating materials in the northwestern region.


The platform will reduce waste and increase the resource efficiency of lubricating materials.


The platform is almost complete, according to Jiao Peng, vice-general manager of the company. "The platform mainly relies on the company's existing facilities, including a production line and service database for lubricating oil."


"The database platform will not only monitor the data for newly purchased lubricating oil from clients, but also the data for waste oil. Through precise analysis of the data, we hope clients can figure out ways to increase resource efficiency and reduce costs instead of constantly purchasing lubricating oil," said Tu Jing, general manager of Fly C'oil.


In addition, the platform will introduce recycling equipment that can process 20,000 tons of waste lubricating oil every year, increasing efficiency by more than 10 percent.


Xinjiang Fly C'oil Co Ltd is among the first wave of "national green factory demonstration enterprises".It invests more than 20 million yuan ($3.18 million) into the R&D of recycling technology for lubricating products. One of its patents won a national patent gold medal, the first to do so in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.


Ma Yubo, head of the equipment and technology department for the company, inspects the equipment. [Photo by Feng Jianpeng/]


The plant of Xinjiang Fly C'oil Co Ltd. [Photo by Feng Jianpeng/]