Content creator fights to show true picture of Xinjiang


Colombian video blogger Fernando Munoz Bernal embarked on a 142-day self-driving journey through Xinjiang in 2023, covering both the south and north, visiting places such as Urumqi, Hotan, and Kashgar. In an interview with China Daily, he stated that there is no evidence of the alleged genocide or forced labor in Xinjiang, as claimed by some Western media.

As early as 2021, Munoz Bernal set foot in Xinjiang for the first time. During that visit, he live-streamed from Xinjiang and posted three videos on his YouTube account to demonstrate that Xinjiang is open to visitors from the outside world, not as some of the Western media have claimed.

Since his initial visit to Xinjiang in 2021, Munoz Bernal said he found the Western accusations about Xinjiang to be baseless, yet these narratives persist. What saddens him the most is that despite having abundant first-hand experience, imagery and evidence about Xinjiang, very few foreign media from the West wanted to talk to him.

“The only one who did…When I went to Xinjiang in 2021, and I said to them: my trips in 2021 were self-funded and self-organized. Nobody is helping me do anything. But yet they write things that say:This seems coordinated, this seems orchestrated. But that's what they wrote about me,” said Munoz Bernal

Fernando Munoz Bernal came to China in 2000. Over the following two decades, he has become a popular content creator, sharing videos on his YouTube channel. Click the video to learn his story.

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