Xinjiang cotton enters sowing season

As temperatures gradually rise, the cotton in northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region enters sowing season. 

In Xayar County, Aksu Prefecture, mechanical sowing work of 1.7 million mu (about 113 thousand hectares) cotton was under full swing.

With the help of Beidou Satellite Navigation System, tractors can pull sowing machines by themselves.

Compared with the traditional semi-mechanized sowing method, this approach can save more than 50 percent cotton seeds, and complete film mulching, paving drip irrigation belts, sowing, and other work at one time, improving the efficiency of cotton sowing. 

According to data, in 2023, Xinjiang's cotton planting area was 35.54 million mu (about 2.37 million hectares), with a total cotton output of 5.112 million tons, accounting for 91 percent of China's total cotton output. 

(Reported by Zhao Yamin; Edited by Liu Yinghan)

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